Kunden Galerie/Customer Gallery

Sam Denehy/USA

Sam has been busy turning the Ghostbusters Cadillac into a Gem adding LED's and modeling all three generation of this Model. All Pictures speak for themselves. The material he chose was Smoothest Detail Plastic

F.Hadel/ Germany   

Gedruckt von Shapeways in FUD und gesupert von Herrn Hadel


R.Herold/Germany-Gedruckt von Shapeways in White Flexible 

  • Buick
  • cadillac
  • chrysler
  • dodge
  • olds
  • mercury

Jürgen Hesels/Germany-White Flexible/Shapeways 

  • pontiac
  • lineup

Tom Koole 

N-Scale Semitruck's and Trailer's(Silver Dry Bulck and Super Car Racing Trailer from Baztrains) 

  • N-Scale Semi's
  • IMG_20160126_102944502
  • IMG_20160207_103255762

Chuck Tidd

1/87 Carhauler Frame and Trailer Printed in FUD 

HO-Scale Truckframe and Trailer in FUD

 Ron Sanctuary 

  • Cadillac Escalade1
  • Cadillac Escalade2
  • Cadillac Escalade3

N-Scale Car Hauler

50tys Lineup/ N-Scale by Doug Nelson/USA