Oktober, 20. 2017, 965 different models and versions available in N-Scale!

and 930 in HO-Scale!

New Models for the N-Scale and
HO -Scale  Community  as of 10/20/2017

1971-72 Chevrolet Suburban Split Rear Doors Kit

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Manhattan June/2017

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New York City

Oktober 19.2017

18:00 PM

at 30-02 48th Ave, New YorkNY 

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1961 Chevrolet Pick Up in N-Scale

1967-96 Chevrolet Blazer Lineup
from left to right 1972 Ford LTD Coupe/1965 Chrysler Station Wagon/1967 Chevrolet Impala Sedan/1965 Chrysler New Yorker/1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Coupe/1960/61 Chevrolet C-10
Newest Editions 1/160 in FUD

Below, owend by Arseny/Russia painted by his friend Jakob ''J.R.'' -Great Job!-

Models in 1/120 TT-Scale


Chevrolet Silverado Ext.Cab long Bed Custom Kit / Matthew Petrishen/ USA

 A few months ago Mr.Petrishen got in touch with me, if I could create the truck he owns.

This is the outcome, great detailing by Mr. Petrishen. The mirrors were added by Mr.Petrishen.


the Hardtop is scratchbuilt by the modeler a perfect Job!


Denis Arrufat Gimeno,Germany HO Scale in FUD
Denis Arrufat Gimeno,Germany HO Scale in FUD
Denis Arrufat Gimeno,Germany HO Scale in FUD



Batman and Robin having a Donut? the work of Bart/Dallas,TX picture taken on his layout Model 1/160 in FUD
2015-17 Ford F-150/1980 Ford F-Series/International Scout in N-Scale
2015 Ford F-150 Long Bed
1/160 Chevrolet Suburban
1/160 1980tys Chevy Suburban printed at shapeways in FUD and spraypainted in Gray
1/160 Suburbans/Tahoes
Exampel for an N-Scale Vehicle 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
Picture taken by Bryan Busséy


Picture taken by Bryan Busséy
Picture taken by Bryan Busséy
N-Scale Oshkosh Style Frontloader by Brian Stakpole
1/160 Frame and Interior 1980tys Ford F-Series
1/160 Chevy Suburban/Ford F-Series
1/160 Chevy Suburban Interior/Ford Frame and Interior


         Here the exceptional  work of R. Herold of Germany!

All models  are in 1/87/ White Flexible Plastic.


Perfect result with White Flexible and detailing July/2017
1979 Chrysler LeBaron Coupe/R.Herold/Germany/White Flexible Plastic

R.Herold/Germany May 2017

 Trip Impression July 2016!

Somewere in Kansas July 2016
Time gone by July 2016
Colby,Kansas July 2016
Bosler,Wy. 2015
found in Bosler,Wyoming in December 2015


Black Hi-Def Acrylate available for everyone!

Ask for model update!

2016 Chevrolet Camaro in Hi-Def Acrylate
Great Detail and a smooth Surface

As of Oktober,20.2017 we have 965 Models available in N-Scale and 930 in HO-Scale! 


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N-Scale Trucks and Trailers

On the Drawing board!        

1975 AMC Pacer
1976 Chevrolet Impala Coupe
1976 Chevrolet Impala Sedan
1974 Ford LTD Station Wagon
1974 Ford LTD Coupe
1974 Ford LTD Sedan